Sound Therapy & Vibrational Healing
Sound Therapy is an ancient healing method that has been practiced in Egypt, Tibet, India, Athens and Rome for many thousands of years.

Through studies and research, we now know that matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Every cell in our body takes part in the symphony of our health and well-being. When an organ or system becomes stressed, it loses its original harmony. With total relaxation and support, the correct frequency can help to remind our energy field of its original blueprint, bringing it back into harmony. Click on video below for the beautiful sounds of crystal singing bowls and Marian's voice.

Vibrational Sound Healing with cyrstal bowls and Marian's beautiful voice.

The following are resources to assist you in your journey to learn more about Sound Therapy & Vibrational Healing.

Healing with Sound
For in-depth information about Sound Therapy & Vibrational Healing, visit our page Healing with Sound: What Is Healing & Where Does It Come From? 

Doctor Oz Speaks About Sound Therapy
How does crystal sonic therapy work, and is it the solution for you? Dr. Mitch Gaynor reveals how this ancient form of healing can help you curb cravings, improve your memory, sleep better and tame migraines in this 4 part series.

Part 1 of Sonic Therapy: The Future of Medicine?
Part 2 of Sonic Therapy: The Future of Medicine?
Part 3 of Sonic Therapy: The Future of Medicine?
Part 4 of Sonic Therapy: The Future of Medicine?

Articles by Marian
The following articles were written by Marian McNair, MATC, MFA and are available for use in your online or print publications. Please send an email to let us know you will be using it, along with a copy of the publication (by mail or email) and include by-line as written.

"The Use of Sound for Sleep"
"Sound and Creativity"

In Print

National Awakenings Magazine, December 2014
National Awakenings Magazine, February 2014
National Awakenings Magazine, June 2013, Mother's Day Event, May 2012

On the Air
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