The Amethyst Cave
and Other Creative Visualizations

Crystal Bowls & Voice with Marian McNair

Two 30 minute tracks.
Track 1:  Guided meditations with layered voice and crystal bowls.
Track 2:  Pure sounds of crystal bowls and layered angelic voice.
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The Gift

The Beautiful Sounds of Crystal Bowls & Voice

Good for meditation, insomnia, relaxation.   Two 30 minute Meditations in the Key of F.
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Calling You

More Healing Sounds of Crystal Bowls & Voice

Good for raising energy.   1. D#, 30.02 minutes   2. E, 28.37 minutes
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Rasa Secrets

The Enchanting Sounds of Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowl & Voice

A meditation in D.   Balances male/female energy
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Sitting Here Dreaming

Folk ballads with beautiful acoustic & resonator guitars.

Bluesy and heartfelt love songs that remind us of the journey of our lives. All songs written by Marian McNair.
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