The use of Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy is a proven scientific method of vibrational healing that has been used by Tibetan monks, Egyptian priests and Benedictine monks for centuries. Currently, crystal bowls are used alongside traditional medicine as an integrative treatment for cancer patients and in other medical practices. It was listed in the Mayo Clinic Guide to Alternative Medicine 2011 as one of the top 10 integrative therapies, and was featured on the Dr. Oz Show

Marian McNair, MATC, MFA, RYT 200, presents wellness programs that combine her teaching background with the fundamentals of this ancient healing art at yoga studios, her home studio and at health and wellness events across the country. Invite Marian to speak at your event and witness an enlightening and healing experience as she teaches, educates and speaks about the science behind the art and demonstrates the art behind the science.

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Marian’s Signature Wellness Programs: 

Sound Healing for Health & Harmony

Crystal bowl sounds are an ancient healing art and are a form of vibrational medicine. Everything around us vibrates and is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Every cell and molecule of our body takes part in the symphony of our health and wellbeing. When an organ or system becomes stressed, it loses its original harmony. With total relaxation and support, the correct frequency can remind our energy field of its original blueprint, bringing it back to harmony, helping the healing process. In this workshop, in addition to learning the science, Marian blends her voice with the crystal bowls creating an atmosphere of calmness and serenity for a remarkable experience.

Includes PowerPoint presentations, with the history of sound and how it works, meditation with crystal bowl demonstration, followed by group discussion. 90 minute keynote or up to a 2-hour workshop 

The Power of Your Dreams to Create a New You

Are you ready for the next step and don't know which road to take? Do you have ideas but haven't put them into action? Would you like to create but haven't found the time? Are you someone who feels that the creative process is not easy for you? Together we will brainstorm and challenge ourselves to discover what is waiting inside of us. Using art materials, we will make our personal dreams come alive by using collage, sound meditation and song. Experience the valuable process of creativity for higher brain function and greater health and life satisfaction as you rejuvenate your heart's desires. Feel your own creativity and joy!

The Experiential Workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation, Group Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls & Voice, followed by group discussion. Art materials are included. 90-120 minutes.


Restorative Yoga with Sacred Sound

Do you need to relax? Is there too much stress in your life? Offer yourself a gift on the cellular level with the sacred sounds of the crystal bowls and voice with restorative yoga postures. Unwind tensions in the body and release unwanted stress with the support of yoga props, as your body and spirit open to the sounds of the crystal bowls and voice. Experience the measurable health benefits of lowered heart and pulse rates with deep relaxation, feeling heavenly. No yoga experience necessary. Good for all body types.

Experiential workshop. Yoga mats, blankets, straps and bolsters recommended for maximum benefit. 120 minutes.